Syntropy medica - Integrated scientific Platforms
Syntropy medica - Integrated scientific Platforms

The pharma industry faces challenges...

Syntropy medica works with companies on the challenges they face in today’s drug development environment:

  • The demand for optimal returns on investment
  • Dealing with the scientific complexities of new products
  • Increased regulatory demands
  • Meeting the requirements of health technology assessments
  • Differences of professional opinion within the team
  • Inconsistent communication
  • Overruns of time and budget
  • Recruitment of the most appropriate investigators
  • Effective risk management

Optimal return

With fewer products in the pipeline, senior management demands an optimal return on investment from EVERY product in development.








Increasingly complex products

Many products are now very complex both in their structure and their pharmacology. For specialty products, the move from small molecules to (for example) monoclonal antibodies means understanding complicated disease biology and processes.





Increased regulatory demands

Regulatory authorities are demanding more and more data as part of a new drug submission. In addition to expanded requirements for clinical endpoints and safety, many products must now have an appropriate companion biomarker identified and validated. The total regulatory burden has increased by almost 50% over the last 10 years.




Health technology assessment

Once, evidence of efficacy and safety was enough to allow a drug to be marketed and reimbursed. In today's resource-constrained environment, demonstrating clinical value is a critical threshold for products. Agencies responsible for health technology assessments demand clear and compelling reasons to recommend reimbursement by payors.





Inconsistent communication

Communication begins as soon as somebody has something to say about the product. Although many companies organize the terminology for their products post-submission, this is too late. Company staff frequently present information on the product pre-submission and need to do this clearly, consistently and robustly. In today's litigious environment, reducing risk by ensuring appropriate external communication has become even more important.





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