Syntropy medica - Integrated scientific Platforms
Syntropy medica - Integrated scientific Platforms

Integrated Scientific Platforms

Finding and organizing information, decision-making and internal/external communication forms a large part of the responsibility of product development team members.


The development of our Integrated Scientific Platforms utilizes proprietary systems:

  • START (Stakeholders, Treatment Area, Research, Topics) – to capture the data, information and insights of all your internal key stakeholders
  • VADS (Value-Added Data System) – to organize, validate and prioritize data, turning it into valuable information
  • ACTION (Aligning Concepts and Treatment Imperative with Opportunities and Needs)  to ensure that the product story aligns with customer perceptions and needs

Our engagement process, developed over many years, ensures that the most important information on your products and their target indications are made available to all within the development teams.


Tailor-made platforms

Our platforms are modular, supporting different teams managing different types of products:

  • In post-Discovery, the team needs to access and understand the key nonclinical data and its relevant disease biology
  • In Phase I team requirements expand to include early clinical data and plans for Phase II
  • In Phase II the team needs a full understanding of 1) the scientific rationale for the product, and 2) the target disease (including current treatments and opportunities for intervention)
  • In Phase III the focus shifts to broader audiences and our platforms now include image and reference banks to help in the development of external communications

To help your teams, we agree the scope of the initial platform and how it will be updated and expanded over time.

What do we offer?

Take advantage of our scientific and commercial expertise. Our dedicated team of highly experienced professionals offers you the following services:


Integrated Scientific Platforms:

  • Clear, consistent and robust messaging that supports your evolving product story
  • Highly structured and easily accessible information on your product and its target indications

Team communications:

  • Input into internal development plans and management briefing
  • Spin-out guidance for internal functions such as Regulatory, or Clinical Development
  • Medical Platforms in support of investigator recruitment and development

External agency preparation:

  • Ensure a robust, relevant and compelling scientific story is available to external agencies (e.g. PR, advertising, medical communications)
  • Input into early brand development activities
  • Single point source produces savings in your time and money


Contact us today to find out how our unique offering can support and inform your product development teams.


Specialists in Integrated Scientific Platforms

Looking to:

  • increase efficiency in product development teams?
  • improve early communications?
  • reduce the risk of litigation?

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