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Since 2005, Syntropy medica has developed many Integrated Scientific Platforms, over a wide range of therapeutic areas. This has helped all our clients improve the efficiency of their development teams and the relevance and robustness of external communications. Below are examples that illustrate the differing needs of teams and how we've helped them...

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Aligning the team


Mid-sized pharma company.



Company M is an independent mid-sized pharma company. They had developed a new product, based upon a novel and unique mechanism of action. Team members described the mechanism of action in a number of different ways, causing confusion about the nature of its pharmacological actions. This, in turn, caused confusion in the development of a relevant clinical program.



Syntropy medica worked with internal stakeholders to build an Integrated Scientific Platform, with a clear picture of the nature and scope of the product's mechanism of action. This allowed for a new consensus within the team on terminology and product class. The result was a new and unique descriptor of the product which was subsequently used in communications with management and investigators.

Effective transfer of intellectual property


Company with a strong oncology portfolio in-licensed a very innovative drug during Phase III.



Our client was faced with a difficult situation:

  • the originators of the drug were geographically remote from the project team
  • the concept behind the mechanism of action was unfamiliar
  • investigators didn't understand, or see the relevance of, the underlying disease biology
  • the team had to make investment decisions with little coherent information


Using our well-proven methodology, we engaged with the originators of the drug and collated all the available information. This in turn was organized into a comprehensive Integrated Scientific Platform, allowing the team to switch the focus from the pharmacology of the drug to its potential benefits.


As the drug was in Phase III and the team had immediate external communication requirements, the platform contained message documents, a slide deck and supporting image and reference banks. The team was then well prepared to engage with externally-facing agencies, equipped with a relevant, consistent and robust scientific story.


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