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Syntropy medica - Integrated scientific Platforms

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In these examples, we show how our Integrated Scientific Platforms help with the introduction of a new type of product, or assist in differentiation from existing products.

Establishing a new treatment approach


A global company with a number of novel neuroscience products in early clinical development



Our client needed a platform for a new chemical entity (NCE) with an entirely new mechanism of action. As a treatment for an established neurodegenerative disease, the challenge included:

  • creating a new vocabulary for the disease and its biology, and the approach to its treatment
  • developing class and category terminology that would be credible, describe the new approach, and capture the imagination of the clinical and scientific community 


In developing an Integrated Scientific Platform, Syntropy medica:

  • reviewed internal and external descriptors and allied vocabulary
  • plotted the usage and evolution of terminology associated with the NCE
  • conducted an extensive literature review to determine the potential class descriptors
  • ensured that the descriptors would uniquely describe the new treatment approach

The platform fully characterized and established the unique, new approach and new terminology. It delivered a clear exposition of the scientific rationale, related to the new disease biology. The result for the company was a position as pioneers of the new approach to treatment. This was uniquely associated with them, their well-planned research and development and, ultimately, their product.



A global company with a strong reputation in cardiovascular medicine



This company required Syntropy to prepare a platform for a new cardiovascular product in an area where they already had a class leader. Their new product, early in clinical development, would eventually be introduced in the same class. In today’s demanding environment, clinical success is not enough, customers – physicians, regulators and payors – also require strong underlying science.



Syntropy utilized the extensive and thorough nonclinical evidence for the new product to create a robust and compelling scientific rationale within the Integrated Scientific Platform.


A key benefit of a well-constructed Integrated Scientific Platform is guidance for the clinical development plan. In this case, it became evident that new, more meaningful endpoints were required for the Phase III program. The Integrated Scientific Platform informed discussions with investigators.


The product ultimately met the identified Phase III endpoints. The result is a well differentiated product, clinically and scientifically, with the potential to improve treatment outcomes and replace the class leader.

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